Change Roundtables, NOFA-VT Winter Conference

February 24, 2021 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Cost: $30-$100 for entire conference, with attendees encouraged to pay what they can. Scholarship information available from Livy Bulger at or 802-434-7153.


The Organic Farmers Toolbox: Resilient Farming Practices for Climate Change, with Aaron Parker, Edgewood Nursery; Jono Neiger, Regenerative Design Group, Big River Chestnuts, Wednesday 2/10

The changing climate is bringing more extreme and unstable weather to the northeast. This workshop will present a toolbox of tangible practices to implement on your farm or homestead to better mimic and align with the resiliency we see in the natural world. Jono and Aaron will share examples of agroforestry, soil compaction reduction, water management, and others from their work in numerous land-based settings. These practices can be implemented at any scale and offer a wide range of benefits, focusing on farm resilience and increased productivity over time.

Community Food Access: Growing Food for Each Other, with Chief Don Stevens, Nulhegan Band of Coosuk – Abenaki Nation; Jake Kornfeld, Farm at Vermont Youth Conservation Corps; Sammy Levine, ShiftMeals; Andrea Solazzo, Vermont Foodbank; Shane Rogers, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, Wednesday 2/17

According to the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance, “food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems.” In Vermont, much work is being done to create a resilient food system that works for everyone and centers people, especially the most marginalized, first and foremost. Join this panel discussion for a conversation about food sovereignty and some of the work being done to build a more just and equitable food system for all.

Farm Stress & Emotional Well-being on the Farm, with Allen Matthews, Farm First, Wednesday 2/24

Where do you turn when work/life balance feels impossible? Farm life can be a roller coaster. Although it can look idyllic from the outside, farming is often punctuated by stressful, demanding and dangerous work. Farmers navigate long hours, money worries, weather crises, and social isolation. Stress challenges our emotional well-being and mental health. The goal of this workshop is to help farmers identify resources and techniques to resolve stresses before they mushroom into debilitating situations. Join and connect with other farmers over your most victorious and challenging moments of the season, and explore strategies for supporting health and well-being on and off the farm.

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