Grazing & Forage Season Extension Webinar Series: Harvesting Winter Cover Crops

July 28, 2020 @ 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm

This webinar will discuss how you can harvest your overwintering cover crops as forage by grazing in the fall and grazing or harvesting in the spring. This includes fall planting dates, species-specific information, and other management considerations. Our speaker is Sam Corcoran, agronomy researcher, of UMass Extension.

This is the fifth webinar in a six-part webinar series that will cover several strategies for grazing season extension and alternative forage production. If you are following along, you will notice that it looks like we have skipped the fourth webinar! If you are receiving this message, it just means you have registered for the fifth webinar before the fourth webinar was scheduled. The fourth webinar focuses on stockpiling and will be offered in early to mid-August (date TBD). Stay tuned! The series is a collaboration among UMass Extension, UVM Extension, & UMaine Extension, and is supported in part by a Northeast SARE Research and Education Grant with organization and administration supported by the Livestock Institute of Southern New England with the support of the Cedar Tree Foundation.