Pig Butchery Class

February 20, 2021 @ 12:00 am – February 21, 2021 @ 11:45 pm
Mad River Food Hub
Intro to Butchering: $500, Pig Butchery: $500, Beef Butchery: $500

This training will cover the basics of whole-animal butchery with both instruction and hands-on demonstration. Participants will learn how to break down beef, pork, chicken, and lamb into primals, subprimals, and case-ready cuts. Value added processing, such as sausage, smokes hams, and bacon will also be covered, with an emphasis on food safety, sourcing, and maintaining high utilization of whole animals.

Butchering Basics can be taken as a three-part series or individually by animal interest.

Introduction to Butchering

This training will include an introduction to HACCP planning. Participants will begin their butchering skills by focusing on chicken fabrication and a lamb breakdown.

Pig Butchery

This session focuses on the breakdown and various cuts of a pig. Participants will be introduced to value added production such as sausage making, hams, and bacon.

Beef Butchery

This session will focus on the breakdown and various cuts of a beef half. Participants will practice and feel confident breaking down a half beef into steaks, roasts, stew meat, etc.

Intro to Butchering: January 23–24, 2021

Pig Butchery: February 20–21, 2021

Beef Butchery: March 20–21, 2021

CONACT: Register here. Questions? Contact Molly Willard, http://molly.willard@vtc.edu/, (802-535-5315)