Ripsower Why & How Demonstration

September 14, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Larson Family Farm and SVT Farm, Well, VT

The Vermont Ripsower interplants diverse, deep-rooted flowering forbs, decompacts topsoil and subsoil at increasing depths, triggers and aids topsoil-formation processes, and applies farm-brewed biostimulants and minerals to seeds during planting for:

  • increasing yield and forage quality
  • total infiltration farming
  • unlocking accelerated topsoil-formation
  • increasing soil biodiversity
  • reducing fertilizer and other inputs
  • drought proofing our farms and watersheds
  • increasing food and environmental security for our communities
  • reversing the insect extinction event

Attendees will get an overview of ripsowing theory, basic agronomy, history, evidence & strategy, see the results of ripsowing diverse forbs with farm-brewed microbial inoculants, learn about proper ripsowing layout relative to contour, and learn how to properly operate the ripsower and initiate the Keyline soil formation sequence.

Participants will also receive a brief overview of the scientific landscape-feedback learning system the Land Care Cooperative is operationalizing to optimize ripsowing and overall management to heal land. Everyone will go home with seed – please bring a small bag.

This event is supported by Vermont Grass Farmers Association and UVM Extension.