Soil Health Research

March 24, 2021 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

The next to last Winter Learning Series brings Leah Puro from Wolfe’s Neck Center to speak about soil health.
As a part of a mission to address the major global challenges brought on by climate change, on-farm research initiatives have gradually moved to the forefront of our operations. Through research, we can test out agriculture-based strategies to adapt to and be more resilient in the face of unpredictable weather patterns that are becoming more common. Our work can both inform future practices here at Wolfe’s Neck Center and other farms in the region. Leah will discuss the soil research at Wolfe’s Neck Center to understand the impacts of grazing and haying management practices on soil health. She will also discuss and present open source and free tools to easily learn about and assess your own soils in the field.

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